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From agility to capability – innovation in the cloud

This week’s Innovation Through Interconnection event (hosted by Equinix as part of London Technology Week) brought together speakers from a variety of industries – united by stories of innovation, IoT, and the cloud. LEGO Group’s VP of Corporate IT, Esben Viskum described his...

Getting Started with Azure Service Fabric on Git + TeamCity | 10th Magnitude

For those of you like me who are fans of Git + TeamCity, you’ll notice an immediate gap in the documentation provided by Microsoft on how to deploy to a Service Fabric cluster. Microsoft strongly encourages using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), which is fine, but it leaves some blanks to fill in for those of us who don’t have that option. Luckily the steps to set this up are fairly similar and only take a small adjustment.

Encrypting Settings at Rest in Azure Service Fabric | 10th Magnitude

Included with every Microsoft Azure Service Fabric Actor and Service is a nice little settings.xml file that you may have considered using to store configuration values for your actors and services. Unfortunately, the documentation on how this file can be used is a bit lacking, so after hitting my head against it for a couple days, I figured out how it can be used so you don’t have to!