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The ‘War’ For Talent

war for talent1The smartest companies are crafting new ways to identify and target the best people to hire. It’s been described as a ‘war’ for talent, and the stakes have never been higher for everyone involved.

Your success in sourcing the best candidates depends on how well prepared you are to win.

Conversations with a CIO – Think Outcomes, not Technology

We keep hearing that technology is changing the world.  This is true.  Everything changes, and to survive continual change is a fundamental requirement of all businesses.  Consequently, describing how changes in technology can make the difference to a business is a fundamental requirements for CIOs, but they must explain it in business language.  This means that CIOs need to understand their company’s business culture and environment before determining the best approach to solving organisational issues.

Building Culture & Collaboration, Manhattans Project | 10th Magnitude

In this episode of the Manhattans Project, Jacob Saunders, CTO at 10th Magnitude, joins me to talk about the ever nebulous concepts of “culture” and “collaboration” in companies. What does company culture mean to us? How do we drive collaboration and positive culture internally as well as externally with our clients? Let’s find out!