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Tethered to the cloud — There is no cloud, it’s just someone else’s computer.

The “Cloud” is a technology that provides incredible convenience and flexibility. In fact, because of the cloud, I’m able to write this from the coffee house I’m at with two of my friends where we sometimes go to work. I love coffee houses, they’re where I seem to get my best work done. Working in these public spaces is a growing trend for remote employees and entrepreneurs. For many of us, it’s great to get out of the confines of our sometimes stifling home offices and venture out into the world to get our work done, in a new setting, with other people. It doesn’t surprise me any more to see every single table around me occupied by people who would otherwise be working from home. These people, like myself, need to get out of our caves and interact with the rest of the world. And we’re able to do this because of the cloud.

Dropbox goes to [Project] Infinite… and beyond!

Dropbox’s announcements at Dropbox Open seek to strengthen the vendor’s enterprise credentials with new product capabilities, and a more attractive platform.

This week Dropbox brought its Dropbox Open event to London. The company has been keen to grow its enterprise credentials since launching Dropbox for Business three years ago, and this customer-friendly showcase saw execs take to the stage with some key announcements to further their cause.

First, though, a note about the Dropbox pitch. We noted in our On the radar report last year that the company then still felt the need to focus on the case for cloud-based file sync-and-share (as an alternative to sharing via email, FTP, USB stick etc.).