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American companies and GDPR – Can one take “GDPR compliance” at face value?

The bottom line, I think, is that (regardless of GDPR and its jurisdiction) a mutable company can’t afford to have a breakdown of trust with its customers and other stakeholders – as Facebook is discovering. GDPR may simply be a catalyst for bringing data-related trust issues to the surface.


What Facebook’s troubles teach us

On Monday April 9th 2018, individual Facebook users learnt whether their own personal data was caught up in the haul of 87 million accounts harvested by Cambridge Analytica. Aleksandr Kogan’s thisisyourdigitallife app at the centre of the scandal was downloaded by ‘just’ 270,000 people, but – by exploiting Facebook’s T&Cs...


The data-driven enterprise

The fundamental principle of the data-driven enterprise is that data should be treated as a valuable corporate resource in much the same way as plant and equipment, products and employees are. Beyond that, there are two further implications. Firstly, that the data-driven enterprise will use the analysis of the data...