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Soft Skills are vital for Data Governance Success

One of the interesting things that I have noticed is that most people think data governance is a technical or analytical subject, but in reality the majority of Data Governance activities are undertaken by business users. I have discovered the most successful Data Governance schemes are run as change management initiatives, led and supported by individuals with well developed soft skills.

Understanding Big Data – Are Big Data Analytics Your Friend or Enemy?

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAh7AAAAJDU3MzhmN2MxLTQ4ZTEtNDBkNy05NGEzLWJiY2I3NGMxZWJlMwThe term “Big Data” is highly reminiscent of terms like “Big Pharma”, and it has a tendency to make consumers and professionals alike a bit nervous. However, whereas Big Pharma refers to large pharmaceuticals companies with market sway and seemingly countless political lobbyists, big data simply refers to the exponentially rapid growth of large data sets and the ability to analyse them.


New IT system – What about data migration?

Throughout my career I’ve been involved in projects which have covered: introduction of a new IT software solution, a new version of the same software or migration to a different vendor.

In all cases getting historic data (for clarity I use the term “data” to mean electronic information and documents, including paper hard copy) into the “new” system is a major consideration.

Whilst a lot of time has been spent selecting the new system…. the important element of migrating historic data into it appears to be an afterthought.