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CIO WaterCooler Focus: Post-Deadline GDPR

In a new time of GDPR, many organisations are adjusting, assessing their customer data to ascertain the impact of compliance and how the legislation can be leveraged to their advantage. We’re thrilled to announce the GDPR Post-Deadline Focus event, featuring...


Welcome to the new GDPR world – and why consuming data in a more formalised way will be good for customers and business

I am sure that like mine your inbox has probably been filling up for the past 48 hours with last minute notices from companies and organisations that hold data that is attributable to you as an individual. Like me you...


American companies and GDPR – Can one take “GDPR compliance” at face value?

The bottom line, I think, is that (regardless of GDPR and its jurisdiction) a mutable company can’t afford to have a breakdown of trust with its customers and other stakeholders – as Facebook is discovering. GDPR may simply be a catalyst for bringing data-related trust issues to the surface.