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#Insanity Ep4: Max Out Sweat (DevOps Technical Capabilities)

Accelerate State of DevOps have shown a strong correlation with technical practices and organisational performance for the fifth year running.

This year, they have found new technical capabilities that differentiate high performance organisations with their low performing peers.

#Insanity Ep3: Max Out Power (DevOps Processes and Measurement)

Accelerate State of DevOps 2018 states that Lean Product Management predicates Software Delivery and Operations Performance which predicated Organisational Performance when combined with the right Organisational Culture.

#Insanity Ep2: Max Out Cardio (DevOps Performance Benchmarking)

Start by benchmarking the performance of your organisation with the rest of industry… Identify your constraints and then systematically remove the constraint.

Follow up with another Benchmark and repeat,