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On Ring

Following on from Origins, One Ring is the next in the series of articles to describe DevOps philosophies using well known stories and focussing on the importance of shared goals and organisational alignment.

Common Sense

Artificial Intelligence – rare common sense

Last week I enjoyed the company of a room of IT leaders in Birmingham, and spoke on the subject of Practical AI. Artificial Intelligence is suddenly the topic du jour. Whether it’s sinister activities by the likes of Cambridge Analytica, or maybe-not-quite-as-sinister demonstrations of systems like Google Duplex, it’s a hot topic.

“I was born this way” – (What Disco & Rugby can teach us about Peak Performance)

“I was born this way!” So said the disco singer Carl Bean on his 1977 Motown song. Of course he was referring to his sexuality, and in that disco scene his performance, a rallying cry, ignited a great passion and struck a chord with many… you could even say this call to arms...