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Change Management

Part 3 – Why CXOs Must Shift from Change to Transformation in 2016

Businesses and organizations must shift from change to transformation ASAP because most of our previous business and technology processes are already or will soon be obsolete.

Digital technologies and innovative business transformations have changed the way we create products, services and how we deliver them to our clients. Instead of thinking:

“How could I improve this process?”


“Is this process relevant in the digital business era?” or “Is this process valuable for our digital business strategy?”

Epicenter: A New Technical Webseries | 10th Magnitude

We are incredibly happy to announce a new webseries from 10th Magnitude! Joining “The Manhattans Project,” our casual cloud discussion series, “Epicenter” is a new video series that will offer more technical and instructional content. Epicenter will include tutorials and demos, webinar-style presentations, and technical deep dives from special guests and our own cloud technology experts.


New IT system – What about data migration?

Throughout my career I’ve been involved in projects which have covered: introduction of a new IT software solution, a new version of the same software or migration to a different vendor.

In all cases getting historic data (for clarity I use the term “data” to mean electronic information and documents, including paper hard copy) into the “new” system is a major consideration.

Whilst a lot of time has been spent selecting the new system…. the important element of migrating historic data into it appears to be an afterthought.