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How to write a good Data Governance Policy

Lots of people think that you can fast track writing a Data Governance Policy by using a template or copying one written for someone else. This article looks at why this is not a useful approach and details the steps you need to take to write a good Data Governance Policy.

The Digital To-Do List MUST

We live in a time of disruption, where brand names and legacy businesses cannot rest on their laurels due to increasingly affordable technologies Empowering those embracing them to quickly pose a threat. The supply chain demands faster more cost-effective processes leading to the panacea of friction-less engagement.

IoT Security: A simple matter of common sense for product developers and investors

The security of any IoT product should be seen as a functionality, not an add-on, and treated as an inherent component of any use case. Basic security good practices will vary depending on the usage of the product but should be part of any MVP.