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Why are we still facing so many security products and vendors?

Security products consolidation and integration become key factors, as the “when-not-if” paradigm around cyber attacks takes centre-stage with senior executives and their focus shifts away from risk and compliance, towards execution and delivery.

CIO WaterCooler TV speaks with Holly Cummins, IBM’s WW Development Leader, about the importance of FUN!

David Savage is back with the second episode of CIO WaterCooler TV! Speaking with Dr. Holly Cummins, IBM Garage’s Worldwide Development Leader, we’re focusing on FUN. Yes that’s right, fun in the workplace. How can work be more fun? How...

Customer Behaviors and Perpetual Change

In the second half of 2019 our customers’ expectations have only increased. They want instant, convenient, personalized, customized, predicted, recommended and rewarded. They want their own curated lifestyle presented. They want control. They want mobile and privacy. They desire digital...