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The Cloud, The CISO Office, Lord Voldemort and Leicester City

No, this isn’t the most eclectic set of guests ever assembled for an episode of Come Dine with Me, it is my initial foray into the world the CIO Water Cooler. Since I announced via LinkedIn that I have moved...

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Box gives its customers ‘regions to be cheerful’

The Box World Tour rolled into London again this week, and I was there to see how the company’s enterprise march continues across Europe – and how it’s being received by the crowd in suits who came along to listen.

Some of the announcements made at the London edition of the Box World Tour can be traced back to teasers and trailers at last year’s BoxWorks. For example, KeySafe is the more marketing-friendly name for the company’s Encryption Key Management service. It now includes a software version (via AWS Key Management Service) alongside the existing AWS Hardware Service Module it launched with, making it more attractive to smaller organisations for whom a hardware appliance wasn’t a cost-effective option.