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Digital Transformation – The Dark Side

All digital transformation initiatives introduce new problems, software bugs, guaranteed network vulnerabilities, new competitors; new business challenges and new stresses. The elimination of all negative consequences and vulnerabilities are impossible, so our focus should be on limiting and containing it, not eliminating it.

Cyber Security


As the turmoil around the Panama Papers leak wanes, our attention gradually starts to drift to other headlines. People of power and privilege were engaging in tax avoidance schemes? Has it ever been thus?

What surprised me, though, was how little attention was paid to the ‘how this happened’, in addition to the ‘what happened’. How was the largest data breach, in terms of data volume, enacted? Or are we now so inured to these events that one more is no longer newsworthy?

I think, though, that it’s worth focussing again on what occurred, and what lessons can be learned.