Category: Information Security

Towards a new model of data ownership?

The current business paradigm, structured by big tech firms over a decade ago by which individuals willingly provide their personal information in exchange for a service may be reaching crisis point.

AI and cybersecurity: puppies grow up to be guard dogs

Is AI still the stuff of science fiction, or is it becoming a reality? A subset of AI, machine learning, is starting to underpin many technologies is the cybersecurity space and they are showing much promise. However, there is much more to be done before the dream of AI will be reached.

Cyber Security in the “When-Not-If” Era

Many large organisations now assume that breaches are simply inevitable, due to the inherent complexity of their business models and the multiplication of attack surfaces and attack vectors which comes with it. This realisation changes fundamentally the dynamics around cyber security.

The Two Factors Killing GRC Practices

In many firms, the equation between Governance, Risk and Compliance around cyber security is becoming heavily weighted towards the G, and GRC functions must adjust as a result, both in terms of internal structures and in terms of interactions with other stakeholders.

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