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The Shrinking of the Organisational Unit

The way organisations work is on the move again. Categorising people by traditional methods of department, function or geography is hamstringing innovation, and the operational structures behind these silos are not helping.

In most organisations, and by that I mean any type of collective where people come together to achieve a common goal, there is some form of internal organisation. This could be defined by department, discipline, function, client, location, and many others.

Software Development Off/Near Shoring – It can work

Global companies, with global customers, need a global talent

Time and time again technology projects fail due to the lack of communication, understanding on requirements and technical obstacles. Plenty are the reasons. It would be therefore only logical for management to avoid any factors that could adversely influence communication such as language barriers, staff geographical dispersion and more. Off shoring part of a software development process should surely be ruled out, right?