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DevOps, an IBM Perspective – it’s going to be a culture thing for the Mutable Business, not just a technology thing, and most of IBM’s ideas have general application

I’ve just had an interesting conversation with a couple of DevOps people from IBM, Eric Minick, OM lead for DevOps and James Hunter strategy lead for DevOps. IBM defines DevOps as an “essential enterprise capability for the continuous delivery of software-driven innovation that enables organizations to seize market opportunities and reduce time to customer feedback” (see here). We agreed that DevOps was very much a “culture thing” rather than a “technology thing”, although Eric did point out that the Kubernetes container orchestration software is an important enabler, from the IBM point of view. It is what helps one to produce

Kevin Cochrane

Deep Dive into Digital Transformation in Marketing with SAP’s CMO of Customer Experience, Kevin Cochrane

I am excited to share my interview with Kevin Cochrane, SAP’s CMO of Customer Experience. SAP, as one of the largest global technology companies, has been in the midst of an impressive level of digital transformation in sales, marketing and customer experiences. They have been deeply involved in supporting GDPR...


Remember SMAC?

Remember SMAC?  It wasn’t long ago that those of us working on “digital” solutions were almost entirely engulfed in a future focused on four key technologies – Social, Mobile, Analytic and Cloud. Organizations were trying to incorporate social into their customer service operations, deliver responsive experiences over every device and overcome the...


AI & Our Collective Future

As with many families, education, the future of jobs, technology and continuous learning are major topics of conversation around our home these days.  With two high-school seniors about to start their college application process, a wife in the middle of graduate school and my required continuous education across the latest and...