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Breaking it down: Kodak, blockchain, Sophia, the GDPR and RPA

Digital technologies are changing work and the workplace faster than ever before. In this 31’55” podcast episode, Research Director Neil Ward-Dutton and Principal Analyst Craig Wentworth discuss the issues behind recent tech industry developments. Specifically: Kodak’s recent foray into blockchain and the broader opportunity for managing rights to digital assets; the problematic ubiquity of Sophia […]

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Digital Expert Interviews: Digging Deep into IIoT with Expert Terrence O’Leary

In this episode of the Digital Expert Series, we dig deep into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with AMI Global’s expert Terrence O’Leary. We learn about all the various components in the IIoT ecosystem including sensors, analytics, security, AI,...

Silicon Valley Series

Silicon Valley Series: Digital Precision with IIoT, Analytics, AI and Digital Transformation

In this Silicon Valley Series I have the privilege of interviewing very smart and experienced Silicon Valley veterans on a variety of important business trends, technologies and strategies. I hope you find this series of short interviews interesting. In this...