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Maritime network connectivity – all at sea?

Over two thirds (around 70%) of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, mostly the oceans. So, when it comes to thinking about universal coverage for wide area networks (WAN), there are some challenges. Undersea cables make fine point to point connections, but do not provide maritime connectivity on the sea surface in between. So…

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Dell EMC keeps up the Momentum with Documentum and LEAP

Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division, home to the Documentum family, has been newly extended with lightweight cloud based content apps and platform under the LEAP brand. The division’s Momentum Europe conference in Barcelona brought positive, forward-looking messages of “better togetherness”...

Nok Nok adds a risk engine for FIDO driven authentication

In February 2014, Quocirca reviewed the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) standard for authenticating consumers to web service providers (I am not a dog, FIDO a new standard for user authentication). In 2014, the FIDO Alliance had attracted over 100 supporters; the site now lists around 250. Quocirca compared FIDO with the SSL/TLS standard for authenticating online resources to users, noting that FIDO provided assurance in the other direction, that users were who they said they were.