What is digital transformation really about?

Jason Noble

I am a commercially-focused technology leader and CTO who works and engages closely with stakeholders to transform the vision of what technology can deliver. Working at director and board level, I innovate and align technology functions and services, with business strategies and goals.
 I leverage disruptive technologies to kick-start digital transformation programmes ensuring the customer, and the customer's success, is at the heart of strategies when providing critical business services. 
 The ability to redefine technology across the global enterprise whilst keeping the lights on has been fundamental to my approach. Transforming that vision and making key stakeholders aware of what technology can really deliver, in helping them focus on their customers and their customer experiences, is what I do best. 

I bring a unique ability to cross the boundary between technology and business, helping to build technology roadmaps and strategies, and contribute to acquiring and retaining marquee clients, growing revenue and building lean organisations that nimbly respond to rapidly evolving markets. On a personal note, I'm not one for the ordinary - I'm interested in big new ideas and innovations and creating significant positive change. Specialties: • Customer success • CTO • Technology leadership • Digital transformation • IT Strategy • Technology start-ups • Digital marketing • Product management • Service delivery • Customer engagement • Customer experience • Programme management

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