Why Your Employee’s Personal Brands Are Critical For Your Company

Jay Denhart-Lillard

I specialize in Innovation at the intersection of Marketing Strategy and Technology. Digital, Strategic, Marketing Executive with 25 years of experience in building brands in corporate and agency environments. Created and executed great customer experiences that also meet or exceed sales objectives. Provided leadership for multiple digital launches and marketing innovation projects, managed teams and P&Ls, while keeping a razor-sharp focus on customer need. 7+ years of leading marketing research projects has honed my ability to spot customer insights and design plans to change behavior. Specialties: Multichannel Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Cross-Channel Marketing, Customer Segmentation, Social, Mobile, Digital Strategy, Market Research. I blog for my new company at https://metamorphcorp.wordpress.com/ Follow me on Slideshare at http://slideshare.net/Yooniko

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  1. Ian Moyse says:

    Jay , great commentary and personal brand, I am often amazed at how little most sales people invest in the value of their own personal brand and lack understanding of what social selling is and how to apply it amongst their kit bag of tools.

    Personal brand management, Social selling and experience in how to leverage these is going to continue to become increasingly important and as a differentiator to you personally. If I interview someone in the future who perhaps has searched on myself, figured this out, read articles I have written and comes armed demonstrating proven use of these values over someone who just wings it as a salesperson, who will stand out, who will align best with my goals and with me personally!

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